Commercial Pools & Renovations

We've earned a nice reputation as a preferred contractor for commercial jobs throughout northern Alabama and the Southeast US. Our experience, we can save you thousands of dollars in maintenance, repairs and operational costs.

Deck Repair / Replacement
Dollar for dollar, the installation of a paver deck will make a more dramatic impact than any other change or upgrade you can think of.  With pavers, it will eliminate any previous problems you may have had with cracked or separating concrete.

We can provide a variety of colored and textureed pavers to match your property or facility. Or add a special material such as crushed conch shells or colored glass, to create a paver that is totally unique to you. Your options are endless.

Re-Plaster / Re-Surface
Resurfacing old plaster or Marcite finish is becoming ever increasingly popular, if not required.  Plaster or Marcite will tend to break down and look worn over time.  These finishes were very common 15 years ago, but with the development of new aggregate finishes in the past couple years, the industry has shifted almost entirely. These new finishes last many times longer than the old Marcite finishes, and they are strikingly more attractive. Using different colored pebbles or aggregates, we can customize practically any finish you desire.

We can also provide choices in the surface texture. Some people like the feel of the regular pebble finish, others like the extra smoothness of polished marble or quartz aggregate finishes. Either way, you'll get a new pool interior that is prettier and longer lasting than ever before.

Tile Repair / Replacement
Tile lifting and cracks in tile or cement are commonly just "patched or replaced" by inexperienced pool contractors. But this is a mistake. A crack is a sign of a construction defect such as faulty material, faulty application, or the absence of proper control joints. It should certainly be diagnosed and corrected at the source, not simply "patched". Otherwise, the problems can and will continue to present themselves.

Energy-Saving Upgrades

Money-Saving, Energy-Saving Upgrades
The industry has been working hard to develop more cost-efficient pumps, filters, lights, heaters and control systems. Altogether, today's swimming pools use about 60% less energy than they did 20 years ago.
Variable speed pumps
These new variable speed pumps use 60% less electricity than single speed pumps. They run longer at low cost, keeping pool water cleaner for less money.

New Automation Systems
With the new automation systems, today's pools practically take care of themselves! Perhaps the single greatest breakthrough for commercial pool operations is the new pH / ORP control system. Much more than a simple chlorinator, this system monitors the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) of the water and the pH. It then automatically adjusts the settings on the chlorinator and the acid-control system to keep your chemicals in balance. What was once a daily chore can now be checked once a month - saving time and expense!

Typical Commercial Properties that we service:

    * Aquariums & Zoos
    * Apartment Complexes
    * Camp Grounds
    * Colleges, Private Schools and High Schools
    * Commercial Fountains
    * Community Centers
    * Condominiums, Apartments, Townhouses
    * Country Clubs, Private Clubs
    * Fitness Facilities
    * Government - Military
    * Hospital and Therapeutic
    * Hotels, Motels, Vacation Resorts
    * Municipal and Public
    * Poured Concrete floors and walls
    * Recreational Facilities
    * Spray Grounds
    * Water Features
    * Water Parks
    * YMCA, Youth organizations

For a one-on-one consultation, please call our office at 256-509-4853.

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